BIG have achieved a leading position in the UK’s biomass and WtE sectors by establishing a portfolio of assets with the scale, diversification and operational synergies required to attract institutional investors, such as pension funds and sovereign wealth funds.

With over 100MW of operational and late-stage construction assets, BIG is on course to make a significant contribution to the development of the UK’s low-carbon economy, by diverting over 1 million tonnes per annum of waste from landfill and generating enough electricity for around 250,000 homes in the UK.

In turn, we are helping to meet increasing demand for energy from renewable, sustainable sources from industry and households across the UK and contributing to regional job creation and growth.

We partner with institutional investors to deploy capital in our expanding and diversified portfolio of biomass, anaerobic digestion and industrial services assets, helping to transform the scale of investment in the UK bioenergy sector. Adopting a long-term approach and targeting mid-scale facilities in various stages of the project lifecycle, BIG has established a market-leading position by leveraging our experience and speed of decision making to achieve the level of portfolio scale, diversification and synergies required to build a sustainable bioenergy business.

BIG is differentiated from other investors in the biomass and WtE sector by our long-term investment approach and our focus on mid-scale plants throughout the development cycle, from new greenfield sites to facilities already in operation.