The growing demand from industry, government and consumers for baseload power generated by carbon-neutral energy sources has established a need for increased biomass and waste-to-energy infrastructure in the UK. The increasing electrification of the UK economy will only increase this demand in the future. A fragmented market and volatile returns from small bioenergy sites presents an opportunity for a well-capitalised aggregator to consolidate the market and help the sector realise greater operational efficiencies, lower investment risk and improved returns.

This matches a need in the market for experienced investors capable of connecting institutional capital with bioenergy projects that are operationally efficient and deliver attractive returns to investors over the long-term. As an owner-operator of biomass and waste-to-energy facilities, BIG addresses this market opportunity, enabling investors to participate in the economics of the UK’s shift to a low-carbon economy.

BIG is a key advocate for the circular economy, a renewable economic model that shifts towards the use of renewable energy, eliminates the use of toxic chemicals, and aims for the elimination of waste through the superior design of materials, products, systems and business models. By supporting the UK’s circular low-carbon economy, BIG is helping future-proof the UK’s renewable energy supply, creating new jobs and delivering long-term value for our shareholders in the process.